Photo Sanni Väyrynen

My name is Riitta Nikko and live together with my husband Lauri Illukka in the peaceful countryside of Vihti in Southern Finland. I work as a veterinarian in a small animal clinic. We have two sons born in 2013 and 2017. My other hobbies are riding, hunting and cross country and downhill skiing.

Years ago when I was wondering which breed would be the most suitable for me I came across with Flatcoated Retrievers. They looked the most beautiful to my eye, they were reasonably healthy, social and happy characters and most of all they were multipurpose. So I got my first flatcoated retriever in 2000 and haven't looked back ever since! My first Oak Barrel's -litter was born in 2013.

What I keep in mind as a Flatcoat breeder is the non-exaggerated structure and coat, natural willingness to retrieve and social nature of the breed. I try to maintain their looks as well, because that was something I fell for in the early days. Having said that the most important thing for me when choosing which dogs to breed is the health of the dogs and their relatives.

Welcome to my website!

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